Meet Our Ministers


Rev. Dr. Maxine Kaye

Spiritual Leader
(760) 574-2490

Rev. Dr. Maxine has been our Spiritual Leader since 2015, having served CSL Centers in California since 1976. She is a clear and gentle teacher, a respected and joyful speaker of high consciousness, and a compassionate Pastoral Counselor. She and Rev. Mike are active in the Mainline Ministerium, as well as participating in other global outreach activities, such as the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

She loves working one-on-one with members and friends, as well as teaching delightful, mind-and-heart-expanding classes, lifting consciousness in Sunday talks and other venues, and working closely with the Practitioners and the Board of Trustees. Agreeing with Dr. Ernest Holmes that we should . . . take what we are doing seriously, but not taking ourselves too seriously while we are doing it, she believes that, Everything is sacred; nothing is serious!

Rev. Mike Gerdes

Director of Youth and Family
(760) 828-7698

Rev. Mike brings his thirty-two years of ministerial experience to our Center, having served as Spiritual Leader in Kennewick, Washington prior to traveling to Chicago and, ultimately, joining Dr. Maxine in our Community. He stepped up to lead the Family and Youth Ministry, and is beloved by the youth he guides and encourages through basic Science of Mind lessons that fit their particular age level. Working with our Youth Teachers and Teen Advisors, he is actively building a viable and delightful Youth Program.

He can be counted on to serve in the capacity of Practitioner and Pastoral Counselor, is a clear and powerful teacher of adult classes, and enjoys speaking occasionally for our Community.