Our Mission

Our Purpose Statement

Living. Loving. Learning.
Spirituality that Works.

Our Vision

To Awaken Humanity to Its Spiritual Magnificence

Our Mission

A World that Works for All

Quotes from our Founder

There is a Power in the Universe, greater than you are, and you can use It!
– Ernest Holmes

To learn how to think is to learn how to live.
– Ernest Holmes

Our ability to think, to know, and to act are direct channels through which the Universal Spirit flows.
– Ernest Holmes

Our Intentions

  • To share, learn and live the Science of Mind as an ever-growing community
  • To embrace our greater good through the revelation of truth
  • To be a loving and supportive spiritual community
  • To honor and celebrate the love, joy, wholeness, harmony, and freedom within ourselves and each other
  • To have and enjoy prosperity, success, and financial abundance for our Center and all who are called to participate