Who We Are

The Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living in Paoli, Pennsylvania is a welcoming, spiritual community inspiring personal empowerment and positive change in our world. We have been called a “transformation station,” in that we offer practical, dynamic tools for personal success, while also dedicated to co-creating “A World That Works for All.” We are a New Thought Community, teaching the principles of Science of Mind as originated and taught by our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes.

We are heart-led and Spirit-fed, as we work together to bring about more radiant health, happier relationships, greater prosperity, and expanding creativity. We teach the Oneness of all life, the delight of diversity, and are open to all people seeking to develop their divine nature in peaceful and joyful ways. We honor all who come to our community, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or family circumstances, or religious background.

We offer Sunday Celebrations, which include a dynamic music program, with Meditation prior to our gathering, and hospitality time afterward. We also present life-changing classes mid-week, as well as workshops and special events. Every activity provides an opportunity to deepen your connection to Source, to engage with like-minded people, and to learn how to apply these spiritual principles to everyday situations.

Our affirmative prayer is called, “Spiritual Mind Treatment” and is a powerful tool for lifting consciousness to greater receptivity of good of every imaginable nature. This simple but powerful process is utilized with great success by our Practitioners and Ministers and simply taught to anyone who is ready to change their consciousness in order to enhance their lives.

Come for the divine connection, stay for the camaraderie, and let us walk together on our individual, progressive paths, as we co-create a healthy world that truly does work for all.