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July 27, 2021: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

 It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us on and out, that we really express life.  The law of giving and receiving is definite. ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 440

As we prepare to enter a new month, we, of course, have chosen a new theme, and it is, “Living in the Flow of Life.” The ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, wisely stated that, “Everything is healthy that flows with the universe,” and we understand and appreciate how the Law of Circulation engenders health and wellbeing in every area of our lives.  Whether we seek greater physical health, increased financial wellbeing, more satisfying work, or sweeter relationships, we do well to enter into the universal flow of this divine life and let it keep us healthy, whole, and happy.

Let’s take this opportunity to become aware of any areas in which we feel restricted or limited and enter more deeply into the creative currents of Divine Life which keep us  forever expanding into sweet, successfully living. Perfect circulation underlies, indwells, and flows through all creation, including each of us.  We live in such a wise and wonderful universe!

We are so enjoying gathering again in person on Sunday mornings and will keep you updated on any CDC recommendations as we do.  Our color-coded system of designating folks’ preferences for distancing or hugging works well, as we respect one another’s choices.  We are not yet singing or providing refreshments, but how we love connecting with each other! Of course, we continue reaching people around the world with our live streaming, as well.  Do come early, if you wish to participate in quiet Meditation prior to service, upstairs at 10:00 A.M., and led by the Practitioner of the Day.  This Sunday’s talk title will be, “In the Stream of Wholeness.” To join us on line, simply go to  at 10:30 A.M. EDT and click on the orange “watch live” button.  Previous Sunday Celebrations and Rev. Mike’s and my “Love Notes” are archived there, as well.

Now that our Practitioner Core has expanded with the recent licensing of our two new Practitioners, we offer you a choice of seven wonderful people, any of whom you may select from our website.  Whomever you choose will happily work with you to bring greater good into your life through loving support and spiritual mind treatment.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

July 20, 2021: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve.  ~     Marianne Williamson

As we have discovered the joy of liberating ourselves from limiting beliefs and are expanding into greater possibilities of true freedom, we naturally wish to help lift others out of restriction and into joyful living, as well.  There is an innate desire in all sentient beings, not only to be free, but also to do our part in raising up others to higher levels of possibility.  We do not do this by “fixing,” but by supporting with love and prayer and solid intention for everyone’s wellbeing.

It often begins with our modeling this changed consciousness ourselves, rather than attempting to point out a person’s need to examine their beliefs.  Let’s demonstrate how beautifully this transformation works and let others be inspired by it.  We “show,” rather than “tell,” and our loving support can make all the difference.  Listening with compassion, while beholding the Divinity within each person, creates a powerful context within which limiting contents are converted to expansive possibilities.

It is in this selfless, loving activity that we, ourselves, become even freer and more successful in unveiling our innate wholeness, divinity, and infinite potential.  Let’s all work together to raise up our loved ones, as well as those we have not yet added to our family of friends.  Imagine a world in which mutual, respectful, loving support brings the real freedom for which we all have longed.

How sweet it is to greet one another in person again at our Sunday Celebrations, and how satisfying it is to continue reaching people with our live streaming.  We also are happy to offer quiet Meditation again before service, held upstairs at 10:00 A.M., and led by the Practitioner of the Day.  However you join us this Sunday, we welcome you, as I speak about, “Free a Friend to Fly.” If you are joining us on line, simply go to  at 10:30 A.M. EDT and click on the orange “watch live” button.  Previous Sunday Celebrations and Rev. Mike’s and my “Love Notes” are archived there, as well.

We are thrilled to welcome our two beautiful, new Practitioners to our Healing Ministry.  Cheryl Macklin and Nettie Bonner successfully passed their Oral Panels last week and are now officially fully licensed, professional GPCSL Practitioners. You may call on them or any of our dedicated Practitioners for individual spiritual support by choosing one listed on our website.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

July 13, 2021: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

We find that both the Law and the Spirit are Limitless. What is it we need for greater freedom? Nothing but a greater realization of what we already know. Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 364

A big “thank-you” to Rev. Mike for caring well for our Community and delivering such  an inspiring talk last Sunday, and thank you to everyone who came together to make it a great day! You all continue to prove that there truly are no limits to the possibilities that exist for us, individually and as a Beloved Community.  As we continue our focus on Freedom this month, we are finding practical ways to implement its greater expression in our lives.  Stepping into previously unknown territory can be thrilling, rather than frightening, as we remember that we are forever supported by a Loving Spirit and guaranteed success through the immutable Law.

Many of us reached far beyond our comfort level during the pandemic, becoming resourceful and creative, rather than discouraged or diminished.  We learned more about technology, developed new recipes, and bonded with our loved ones, while learning the sweet joys of home activities.  Our Spiritual Community also expanded its technology, creating masterful live stream productions, and reaching people in many other states and even out of the country.  Many of these new folks continue tuning in and joining us for celebrations and other events, including Zoom classes.

It is only when we become too involved with human limitation that we forget the limitless possibilities of Spirit and the endless action of Law to provide newness and great release from any type of restriction.  Let’s continue to move out of yesterday’s beliefs and embrace new ideas and concepts of greater truth. Where will you begin today?

Whether you join us in person or on line each Sunday morning Celebration, it seems we are feeling a greater frequency of love and connection.  I enjoyed watching Rev. Mike’s talk from Florida and look forward to being with you again this Sunday, as I speak about, “No Limits.” If you are joining us on line, simply go to  at 10:30 A.M. EDT and click on the orange “watch live” button. You may also view previous Celebrations or the “Love Notes” Rev. Mike and I send from home.

Whenever you may need some loving, spiritual support, you will find it as near as your computer and telephone.  Check out our dedicated Practitioners and Practitioner Interns on the website, call one with whom you feel a rapport, and you will be reminded Who you are and lifted to a greater consciousness of freedom.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

July 6, 2021: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

But now when investigation has shown us that conditions are never causes in themselves, but only the subsequent links of a chain started on the plane of the pure ideal, what we have to do is reverse our method of thinking and regard the ideal as the real, and the outward manifestation as a mere reflection which must change with every change of the objects which casts it.   – Thomas Troward, The Edinbugh Lectures, p. 58

As we celebrate freedom this month, we become aware that it is within our own minds that we have been given the gift of choice, self-determination, and true independence.  Whatever we may have manifested in the outer world, because of our internal focus (whether conscious or unconscious,) we have the ability and the power to transform by refocusing our attention on a greater idea.  It is never necessary to remain in any narrow or negative condition, the change can be instantaneous, and it is up to us to reverse it.

In truth, circumstances have no power of themselves, and the sooner we recognize that, the sooner we will be free to invite Spirit to bring forth a new reality for us by placing our attention on our truer desire, establishing and maintaining that focus, as we watch the new concept unfold in our lives.  As we make that conscious choice to move out of unwanted, limiting conditions, all the Power of the Universe conspires to bring about the new idea made manifest in our world.

How we are loving gathering again in person, as well as continuing our wider reach on line. There is a wonderful energy in the rooms, as we celebrate and welcome each other Home. For those catching our live stream, just go to  at 10:30 A.M. EDT to join us on Sunday morning or to view previous Celebrations or the “Love Notes” we send five days a week from our Living Room.  Join Rev. Mike this Sunday, as he presents his inspiring message, “No Peace in the Thingdom” while I make a short trip to Florida.

Our dedicated Practitioners and Practitioner Interns stand ready to serve your needs, spiritual and material, and can be contacted on our website.  Reach out to any of them whenever you desire prayer support, and they will gladly work with you.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine