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Apr. 26, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

There is an intelligence at work within the seed (and the soil) that is greater than the seed, and it knows how to create more of itself from within itself. It is also safe to say that if this intelligence lives in a seed of corn, it must also exist within every living thing — including you. ~ Dennis Merritt Jones, The Art of Abundance, p. 47
Using the Creative Intelligence of this Universe to bring about higher consciousness, changed conditions, and superior situations, we not only become empowered to live a joyous life of freedom, but we also inspire others to step into their divine possibilities. There truly is “A Power for Good in the Universe,” greater than we are, and we are divinely designed to use It!
This Co-Creative Process is available to everyone, without exception, and the more intelligently we employ It, the more successful our lives become. It is delightful to work and play with those who have discovered how to use It, not only for themselves, but for the larger world. Think of our own Administrator, Linda O’Neill, a loving and powerful presence in our Center uses this Process to support all our activities with Grace and Wisdom. Let’s celebrate her tomorrow, “Administrative Professionals Day,” and feel thankful for the example she sets.
As we look forward to the beginning of May, we focus on “The Joy of Co-Creation” as our theme, and my Sunday talk will be, “Let’s Begin with Intelligence.” We live stream from the Inspiration Café at 10:30 A.M., and you can join us on our website by clicking on the orange button. Previous Celebrations and Love Notes Rev. Mike and I have recorded from our home are also posted there.
As students of the Science of Mind, we learn to use the Creative Intelligence in an effective and powerful way through classes, Sunday Celebrations, and spiritually motivating books. Still, we are sometimes in need of prayer support from one of our Practitioners, and they may be contacted on the Practitioner Page on our website. They are here to work with you in developing a greater understanding of our principles through the co-creative process of working together with a Practitioner of your choice.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

Apr 19, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

God’s ideas and attributes are eternal and cannot change. In change, is the Changeless. In time, is the Eternal and Timeless. In things, the Creator manifests His power and glory forevermore.  ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 491
As we learn to do a “graceful dance” between the Absolute and the relative, we begin embracing the Divine and accepting the human aspects of our lives. Truly, God never changes, while all outward manifestation changes constantly. The Divine Design within all creation may be invisible to the eye, but it is very clear to the heart. As we learn to see beyond unwelcome experiences to the Truth and Beauty behind and within them all, we actually are bringing the Infinite to the finite.
It is this up-reaching that inspires our continued progress along the path of spiritual revelation. Just as we celebrated the birth of New Life in our delightful Easter Celebration last Sunday, so are we continually lifted to new heights of awareness, as we move from any limited human experience to the Divine Revelation of the constancy of God. We expect conditions to change, for that is their nature.
We look forward to this Sunday’s talk given by Rev. Mike on, “The Changeless” at 10:30 A.M. It will be live streamed, and you can find it on our website by clicking on the orange Watch live button. Past Celebrations are also posted there, as well as our “Love Notes” sent Monday through Friday. We will continue live streaming our Sundays until we find a venue where we may meet from time to time, until we are ready to find our new location.
Should you find yourself dealing with any human condition and not yet moving effectively from the relative to the Absolute Truth, consider contacting one of our eight Practitioners, found on the Practitioner Page on our website. Any of them will work with you to raise your consciousness to a Higher Perspective, using spiritual tools for human problems.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

Apr 12, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Inner Presence, Great and Mighty, Inner Light that shines divinely, Inner Life that lives completely, Inner Joy that smiles serenely, Inner Peace that flows so deeply, Inner Calm, untroubled, happy . . . HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, Lord, God within me. ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 365-366
As we enter into “Holy Week,” let’s take with us the awareness that the Presence of the Divine within and all around us makes everything HOLY, and that we may use at this time to allow ourselves to move intentionally through the surrender of the ego self to the blossoming of our Authentic Nature. As the Great Teacher approached the crucifixion of the human, preparing for the resurrection of the Divine, he entered purposefully into that which was divinely ordained and proved the Life Eternal.
We truly are walking on Sacred Ground, as we experience our authentic contemplation of the important, internal work we must do in preparation for a celebration of New Life. The Presence of Spirit within us nurtures us and guides us toward the resurrected consciousness and the emergence of our True Nature: Christ in us, God alive in each of us, no matter the name we call It.
We will stream our Good Friday service from 2019 at Noon this Friday, April 15th. This metaphysical interpretation and individual application of the “Seven Last Words of Jesus” intersperses beautiful, classical piano and cello pieces, and offers quiet times of contemplation between each presentation. Click on the Watch button from the at noon or anytime after.
NEXT SUNDAY, APRIL 17th, WE WILL GATHER IN PERSON FOR A BEAUTIFUL EASTER CELEBRATION. Bring your family and your friends to a grand celebration at the Oxford Room in the Sheraton Hotel, 707 Lancaster Ave. in Frazer at 10:30 A.M. Come and make this the most wonderful celebration of New Life we have yet experienced. This very special event with wonderful musicians and a lovely place to gather will be the first time we have been with one another in person for a very long time. Please join us for a beautiful Easter Morning Celebration this Sunday! (If you are unable to join us in person, you may view this Celebration online after 3:00 PM on your Facebook or YouTube pages.)
Whenever you may feel too close to a life situation to be able to center and lift yourself above it, just look at the Practitioner Page on our website and contact one with whom you would like to work, as they are ready to assist you in reconnecting with Source, healing personal conditions, or simply lifting your consciousness.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

April, 2022: BoT SPOT from your Board of Trustees

Welcome to GPCSL’s April BoT SPOT!

Emergence: A Special Invitation

The dictionary provides the following definition for ‘emergence’:  “…the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.”

It’s wonderful to delight in the emergence happening all around us. Animals and plants alike respond to the call. We too have the opportunity to “come into view”, both physically and in consciousness at a special, in-person Easter Sunday Celebration on April 17th at the Great Valley Sheraton in Frazer. It’s the first of many in-person GPCSL events planned for 2022 and promises to be a morning filled with music, inspiration, and celebration…and we look forward to seeing you, you, and YOU there!!!

GPCSL Board Update: The GPCSL Board of Trustees is currently focused on evaluating our financial position, identifying opportunities for future events, and ultimately a new meeting place for in-person Sunday Celebrations and classes. Great things to come and a great big thank you to all who contribute their time, talent, and treasure to our beloved community and Center! We continue to be a beacon of light for those seeking a community and philosophy that promotes Living, Loving, and Learning with Spirituality that Works!

Don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone on the Board if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. We love to hear from you!

In gratitude,

Edie Janik

President, GPCSL Board of Trustees,


Mar. 29, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Most of us seek the cause in the effect and unknowingly put the cart before the horse, not realizing that the flower is already in the seed, and that effects must follow causes. There can be no true alliance apart from life and no good apart from a unity with the Whole. ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 163
All manifestation begins within and expresses itself into the world of visible reality. Just as the oak tree resides within the acorn, so does every imaginable good lie within the inner realm of infinite possibility. Life must emerge and continues to do so, even from what may seem to be lifeless. Spring reminds us that there is an eternal forward movement of life, that the earthly seasons and the seasons of our hearts are forever changing, and that everything truly is working together in harmony.
As co-creators with Universal Creative Intelligence, we develop seed ideas within our hearts, plant them safely in the healthy soil of Subjective Mind, and expect our vision to unfold until it emerges into the physical world. Trusting the Spirit that gives of Its Bounty to us, the Law which produces what is planted, and our ability to speak our word of power, we thrive in our life experiences. Those who intentionally or inadvertently sow seeds of negativity do not reap a crop of constructive events.
Let’s be mindful of our joyous responsibility to align completely with Source, to trust deeply in the Law of Mind, and to honor our courageous Word of Truth. Setting our intentions clearly, we produce only that which is life-affirming, constructive, and for the highest good of all. Life is springing forth and continues to bring beauty and joy into our lives, as we mindfully plant what we truly wish to reap.
We are so grateful for your presence with us each Sunday morning. as we live stream our Celebration to you via YouTube and Facebook. We begin at 10:30 A.M. EDT from The Inspiration Café, our temporary office at 360 N. Valley Rd., Paoli, PA 19301. When you go to our website, and click on the “watch” button, you will hear the uplifting music, meditation, prayer, and message. How we love staying connected in this very special hour, with Spirit and with one another. Invite your friends to share in this special time with us or to visit our website and view archived Celebrations and our Love Notes. We begin a new monthly theme, as we enter into April, and it is, “Emergence of Life.” Rev. Mike will be speaking the first Sunday on the timely topic of, “Nobody’s Fool!”
We have been relating as a Beloved Community in creative ways through the internet; yet, we are hungry for one another’s company. Here is wonderful news: WE WILL GATHER IN PERSON FOR A BEAUTIFUL EASTER CELEBRATION ON SUNDAY, APRIL 17th! Bring your family and your friends to a grand celebration at the Oxford Room in the Sheraton Hotel on Lancaster Avenue in Frazer (across from Home Depot) at 10:30 A.M. Come and make this the most wonderful celebration of New Life we have yet experienced.
Whenever you may have a need for inspiration, a revealing of something greater in your life, or simply a shift in consciousness, do contact one of our Practitioners by checking out the Practitioner Page on our website. They are all trained with spiritual tools to work with you in any area of your life.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine