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May 23, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

This Generous, Abundant Universe gives freely and constantly of Itself, ready and willing to provide Its beloved creation with all that is necessary for its wellbeing. We enjoy a greater and greater supply of Its Bounty, as we open wider our consciousness of receptivity to Its Infinite Flow. No one would intentionally choose to block the flow of this Good; yet, we understand that hidden beliefs in limitation or past experiences of lack inadvertently close off the acceptance of greater good.

Let’s choose today to open our minds to the immensity of Infinite Possibilities of God’s Beneficence and our hearts to the depth of Divine Love, forever giving of Itself to all. The truth is: You deserve every good gift, spiritual and material, and nothing can possibly withhold it from you. Any false ideas to the contrary are already dissolving and being replaced with the joy of expanded Abundance and the fun of circulating it for good.

“Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Shall we open our own windows . . . and doors . . . and receive the blessings that are already ours?

Join us for the second Sunday in a row when we will meet IN PERSON at Inteprod in Eagleville. How greatly we appreciate Rick and Suzanne Smethers for inviting us to use a portion of their facility in which we establish a sweet “sanctuary” for our 10:30 Celebrations, both live and streamed. We complete our May theme this week, “Receptivity,” and my talk will be, “Open Heart/Open Mind.” For those who join us on Facebook or YouTube, simply go to our website, at 10:30 A.M. and press the orange “Watch” button. You may watch it later in the day or week in the same manner. We continue providing you with other in-person and virtual events, so check out our Events Calendar.

Members of our Healing Ministry are found on the Practitioner Page of our website, and these dedicated beings are happy to work with you in person or on the phone, using spiritual tools (affirmative prayer) for whatever the need may be, spiritual or material. Call any of them to set up an appointment.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

May 2023 BoT Spot

Welcome to May’s BoT Spot!

I often listen to a local, member supported, radio station in the morning while I prepare for work. I feel like it keeps me informed but in a way that doesn’t ruin my morning “buzz”. Occasionally, I catch a human-interest story or a segment that expands my knowledge on a particular topic. I have grown to love this station and the way it helps my mind and supports my ability to navigate my day. So much so, I became a sustaining member many years ago. Doing this feels like I am giving back to a source that enriches my wellbeing (Oh, wait! Was that a subtle yet shameless plug for the GPCSL Intentional Giving Program? You bet!).

 So, the other day I heard a piece on the importance of human connection…real connection. The kind that happens when people spend time in each other’s company…person to person in community. And, while our world has opened up, the radio segment emphasized how reports of loneliness persist for many people. Not because they are alone necessarily, but because they aren’t experiencing connection with others. Admittedly, I sometimes feel too busy, awkward, preoccupied, or tired to make the effort to attend a social gathering or event. When I overcome the challenge and go, I am always glad I did. I feel reenergized, filled up, and recentered by connecting with others…particularly old friends, family, and the amazing people in our GPCSL community! Even our monthly Board meetings have this effect on me!

While we love our online experiences with friends from literally all over the world, GPCSL has also focused on creating opportunities for our local community to share time and space together. New opportunities for us to be together are popping up all the time!

In fact, there is a pop-up box on our website homepage with all the “deets” (Thank you Linda!!!!) or you can visit our events calendar (click here) to view upcoming in-person Sunday Celebrations, monthly Full Moon ceremonies and Nibbles & New Thought happenings, movie nights, field trips, picnics …even a community yard sale is in the works!

Thanks to all who support and engage in the Center’s activities. We invite all to grab a friend and join in as well! Financially, the Center is doing well and remains current on all bills without having to dip into our savings regularly. That said, entering a rental or purchase agreement for our own, permanent location at this point would not be sustainable with our current level of income. That could change if the cost of space comes down, our Intentional Giving Program participation and/or dollars increase, or if we find a suitable space to share with another tenant or owner (contact our bookkeeper at for information on joining or increasing IGP giving. Also, contact our office to let us know if you think you’ve found a suitable space for us to explore!).

Our hearts and minds are open to our next best house for our home! In the meantime, caring for our community and inviting others to join our events and classes is enriching our “Home” and building a bright and beautiful future!

Come on in! You are welcome here!!!

In gratitude and great love,

Edie Janik

GPCSL Board President




May 16, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

The depth of faith with which we enter into our affirmative prayers creates an atmosphere of positive expectancy. Knowing the generosity of the Universe and the reliability of the Law, we have reason to approach our spiritual work with serenity, confidence, and a consciousness of receptivity. Nothing can enter a closed mind and heart, so let’s become joyfully accepting of our Good in every form: spiritual and material.

The Intelligent, Creative Process would continually manifest through the instrumentation of our consciousness if there were no mental blocks or emotional conflicts obstructing Its natural process. How wise we are to get to know the false beliefs that may impede the bountiful flow of Good through us and transform these patterns into life-affirming ideas. As we recognize a sense of lack or limitation, opening to the eternal truths of freedom and abundance, our receptivity deepens, and we become open to a new reality.

Bringing about what we are praying about is the beautiful result of doing this inner work to remove any hindrance to the fulfillment of our hearts’ desires, for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world itself. Our Beloved Community comes together in loving support for one another, as we traverse this spiritual, evolutionary journey to our enlightenment.

Great News: We are meeting IN PERSON the next two Sundays at Inteprod in Eagleville, and Jim Wade will be our guest musician. Our theme for May is, “Receptivity,” and Rev. Mike will be speaking on “Healthy Expectations.” For those who join us on Facebook or YouTube, simply go to our website, at 10:30 A.M. and press the orange “Watch” button. You may watch it later in the day or week in the same manner. We continue providing you with other in-person and virtual events, so check out our Events Calendar.

We love providing spiritual tools for practical, everyday application and learning how to use them in our classes and presentations.  When we may find ourselves too close to a problem, we can check the Practitioner Page on our website and work with a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner to help us lift our consciousness to a greater possibility.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

May 9, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

As we prepare to honor our mothers (and others who nurture) this weekend, we celebrate those beautiful beings who brought us into life, cared for and guided us into the knowledge of this world. The wisest parents are those who taught us responsibility for our choices and actions, as well as modeling the love and compassion with which we, too, are able to support others. Whether still on this planet or having moved into a new Divine Dimension in the Heart of God, they remain a viable part of our lives, as Love continues our essential connection with them.

As we learn the importance of blessing all the people who have contributed to our growth over the years, we often see how every experience brought valuable lessons and gifts to us. Let’s remember that, just as each of us is doing the best we know how in this moment, so did the people responsible for our wellbeing. It is sweet to draw on loving memories of Mother and silently or audibly express our appreciation for all they gave to us.

We also realize our ability to give birth to creative ideas, nurturing those inspirations until they come into visible manifestation. This is the way the Universal Creative Intelligence works . . . through each of us. As we set clear intentions for ourselves and the world and become receptive to Loving, Wise, and Generous Presence, we become the instruments through which divine ideas are born. The Universal Creative Medium receives the imprint of our thought and acts upon it, and we have the joyous responsibility of making conscious, caring choices and lovingly bringing great good into the world.

Join us virtually this Sunday, May 14th, for a Mother’s Day Celebration, streamed from the Inspiration Café in Paoli, PA, as we continue our May theme, “Receptivity.” Rev. Mike will speak on, “The Individual’s Creative Process.” When you go to our website, at 10:30 A.M., simply press the orange Watch” button, or you may watch it later in the day or week in the same manner. Check out our many events and learn more about us by scrolling through the site.

We are a Beloved Community, working and playing together, and supporting each other through challenges as they arise. We have several Practitioners who are always ready to assist you with spiritual tools for human problems, and they may be found on the Practitioner Page of our website.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

May 2, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

As we develop our heightened consciousness of Love, Wisdom, and Possibility, we begin to understand the importance of becoming more sensitive to the flow of the Abundant Life moving in and through us.  Until we become truly receptive to Life’s Givingness, we are not fully open to the multiple gifts that the Universe has to offer.  A change of attitude and perspective makes all the difference, as we drop the barriers to our receptivity and begin enjoying the promised fruits of abundance, creativity, love, and wholeness.

You may recall how you felt when offering something nice to another person and having the gift refused. Not only might it have seemed hurtful to you, but your intended flow of sharing was temporarily blocked. Well, the Universe hasn’t such emotions, but It does need to be expressed, not refused, so let’s all become open-hearted, open-minded instruments of Divine Life.

The more receptive we become to Life’s blessings, the more challenging it will be to count them all!  Be a generous receiver and thank God for all your good: spiritual and material, each moment of every day. As our consciousness of acceptance expands, so our joy in living increases, and we encourage others to open their hearts, as well.

Our Sunday Celebration on May 7th will be livestreamed from the Inspiration Café in Paoli, PA, as we begin our new theme for the month of May: “Receptivity.”  I’ll be speaking on, “Let’s Be Open at the Top.” Please join us by going to our website, and press the “Watch Now” button. You can also find many interesting events and learn more about us by scrolling through the site.

There are times that we feel the need for spiritual support, and we provide that through our Ministers, Practitioners, and the Community itself. You may visit the Practitioner Page on our website and select someone with whom you wish to learn spiritual tools to heal and uplift many human experiences.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine