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Feb. 28, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

You’ve heard the expression, “What goes around comes around,” and this is a rather clear statement of the working of Universal Law.  The old computer acronym, “G.I.G.O.” tends to express what happens when we misuse this wonderful Law, while the Ancient Hermetic Philosophy wisely taught, “As above, so below.” The latter refers to the elevated use of the Law, as we form a higher idea, or mental equivalent in the Absolute and allow it to manifest in the relative world.

In the midst of what can be confusing, and when we do not know upon what we may rely, it is reassuring to remember that God is constant, eternal, and absolutely reliable. We utilize the same Infinite Intelligence and Creative Power that the Divine Mind uses, as we are individualizations of that Mind and co-creators with It.  We are actually motivated wisely and lovingly by a Universal Presence which supports and cherishes us constantly.  As we allow ourselves to be loved, sustained, and motivated by the Divine, so are we inspired to raise and praise others on their spiritual journeys.

We begin a new month tomorrow, and March’s theme is: “Encouragement.” This Sunday’s presentation will be, “The Universe Always Says ‘Yes’!” and we will be live streaming from the Inspiration Café. You may join us on line for our 10:30 Celebration by going to our website and using the “Watch Now” button. If you scroll through the pages, you will find events, classes, previous Celebrations and Love Notes to view. Our four-week Zoom class, “Creative Relationships,” begins tonight, Tuesday, March 7th, from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. and continues through March 28th. Sign up right away in order to receive the handouts and the Zoom link.

Our Practitioners are ready and willing to receive your calls and can be reached by viewing the Practitioner Page on our website. They are trained to work with you, listening to your heart, and using spiritual tools to resolve human problems. They are here to assist in deepening consciousness for individuals, for our Community and beyond.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

Feb. 21, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Discipline is loving yourself enough to do what is good for you. ~ Rev. Don Ringness

Tomorrow is “Ash Wednesday,” the first day of the Christian Lenten Season, in which many folks choose to abstain from certain food, drink, or habits, as they move toward the Easter Celebration six and a half weeks later. This can be a healthy reminder of how beneficial it is to refrain from thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are not for our highest good. Truly, a well-discipline mind, a serene consciousness, and mindful actions lead us more closely to the emergence of the Christ Consciousness within us all.

Such a finely-tuned instrument invites the Presence of Divine Love and Infinite Wisdom to flow through us, keep our minds clear, our emotions tranquil, and our actions life-affirming and productive. These are the great rewards of choosing to “love ourselves enough to do what is good for us.” Rather than following the example of Don Quixote who, “got on his horse and rode off in all directions,” we present Spirit with a well-organized instrument through which Wisdom leads us powerfully into each greater step to this Divine Consciousness.

This Sunday, we will be live streaming our Celebration from the Inspiration Café, and our topic will be, “The Discipline of Delight.” Tune into our 10:30 Celebration by going to our website and using the orange “Watch” button to be with us. Also, links for all upcoming classes and workshops can be found on the homepage Popup screen.  You can also scroll through our website pages, you will find events, classes, previous Celebrations and Love Notes to view. My next four-week Zoom class, “Creative Relationships,” begins Tuesday, March 7th, from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. and continues through March 28th. Sign up to receive the handouts and the Zoom link.

Our Practitioner Page features the members of our Healing Ministry Team, and you are invited to select a Practitioner to work with in deepening your spiritual connection and resolving a human condition you may be experiencing.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine


February 2023 BoT Spot

Welcome to February 2023 BoT Spot!

There is a group of us at my place of work that enjoy learning new words. Most recently, we played with one of my favorites, ‘salubrious’. I remember the first time I heard this word: many, many years ago, a customer at a fast-food joint I was working at said, “Have a salubrious day!”. I asked him what it meant, and he explained, “an adjective that means, favorable to or promoting health or well-being”. I instantly LOVED the word and it stuck with me from that day on.

It is a perfect word to describe the impact of being involved with our community and my learning the Science of Mind philosophy. The Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living is dedicated to providing our community, near and far, with an array of salubrious events, classes, and Sunday Celebrations, touching lives and helping people live their best life!

The GPCSL Board is currently focused on responding to feedback from our community by providing new and exciting opportunities to learn, play, and connect. You can look forward to movie nights, Labyrinth walks, Sunday Celebration live music, guest speakers, life changing classes and workshops, and so much more in the coming months. Please take a moment to dive into the offerings described above and also check out our events calendar (GPCSL | Calendar (

Thank you to all who share their time, treasure, and talent with the Center…you make it all possible and make our future bright.   And, have a most salubrious day!!!

In gratitude and great love,

 Edie Janik

GPCSL Board President

Feb. 14, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

“Love is an essence, an atmosphere, which defies analysis, as does Life Itself. It is that which IS and cannot be explained: it is common to all people, to all animal life, and evident in the response of plants to those who love them. Love reigns supreme over all.” ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 478

Realizing that we all come fully orbed in Divine Love from the Invisible Essence of Life, we understand that we are capable of bringing that Precious Presence into beautiful and constant manifestation in our lives. The human expression of this Essence is celebrated in greater depth and fulness when we remember that it is far more than an emotion, attraction, or compulsion. Observing Valentine’s Day is delightful, and I look forward to joining Rev. Mike at a lovely, favorite restaurant to celebrate a sweet date. It isn’t a “Hallmark occasion;” it is just fun! Human relationships take on greater meaning and appreciation when we recall that it is God’s Love moving through us, and bringing more Life to our lives.

As the human race learns to touch more deeply into this Infinite and Eternal Essence, we are able to co-create an atmosphere of harmony, cooperation, and mutual respect. Differences become opportunities to understand one another in the greater awareness that it is Unity in Multiplicity that makes our progress possible. We are making a creative commitment to live from the Authentic Self within us all, connecting with each other in such meaningful ways that we are actually changing the energy in our world for the better.

We are happily discovering that all the Power of Love there ever was or will be is exactly where we are at any given moment, and we are learning to use this Power with joy and confidence. My talk this Sunday, “Empowered by Enthusiasm,” and we will be live streaming our Celebration from the Inspiration Café for the next few weeks. Tune into our 10:30 Celebration by going to our website and using the orange “Watch” button to connect with us. Take a minute to scroll through our events, classes, previous Celebrations and Love Notes before or after Celebration.

Check our Practitioner Page, and select one of our dedicated people to work with you in deepening consciousness or healing a challenge. Their information is listed there for you.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

Feb. 7, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

“Who is born of love is born of God, for God is Love.” Without love, nothing can be accomplished. With love, all things are possible. ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 503

How wonderfully Dr. Hazel Spears inspired our congregation last Sunday! If you missed the Celebration, in person or on the live stream, you may still view and listen on our website. Rev. Mike and I watched from home and so enjoyed it all. We’ll have the pleasure of meeting again in person next Sunday, February 12th, at Inteprod in Eagleville, and we are grateful to our hosts, Suzanne and Rick Smethers. (How appropriate that, as we approach Super Bowl Sunday this week, we are meeting in “Eagleville” on the day of the game!)

As we continue, “Building a New Consciousness” this year, we are now focusing the month of February on “Motivation” and how we may be inspired to bring this greater awareness into our lives, personally and globally. Of course, Divine Love is the grandest motivator of all, and it is through inviting Its expression in and through us that we experience the greatest success. My talk this Sunday will be, “Led by Love,” and it is by opening our hearts to Its Presence, Power, and Activity that we deepen our connection to Spirit and expand our consciousness into unlimited realms. 

Yes, a week from today will be Valentine’s Day, and we realize that the most wonderful relationships are those based on God’s Presence within the people involved. Selfless love, true compassion, and mutual respect all flow from this divine connection and raise each relationship to a higher frequency. The same is true of shared experiences of various ethnicities, gender identification, political parties, and nations. Seeking to feel the Power of Love, rather than the love of power, motivates us to co-create fairness, compassion, and mutual respect for all. As we continue observing Black History Month, we realize that it is our Unity and Its celebration in so many forms of multiplicity that empower and inspire us to a heightened awareness of true Oneness.

Once again, our Practitioners will offer Guided Meditation in the Conference Room at 10:00 A.M., so, if you come a little early, you will have a sweet opportunity to enjoy some peaceful preparation for our 10:30 Celebration. Those not in the area may tune in to our livestream by going to our website and using the orange “Watch” button to connect with us. Our events, previous talks, and Love Notes are available on this site.

Our dedicated Practitioners have their own page on the website, each listed with contact information, and any of them will be happy to hear from you, if you desire their support.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine