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July 26, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine Kaye

If every day things are a little better, a little happier, a little more harmonious, a little more health-giving and joyous; if each day we are expressing more life, we are moving in the right direction. ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 307

When you and I finally realize Who we are and embrace our spiritual origins, there will be no more “playing small,” making excuses, or feeling insufficient or insignificant. Day by day, moment by moment, we are moving closer to the realization of our Authentic Self, the whole and complete being that we were created to be. Once we get over the false belief that we are separate from God and distanced from our Good, we finally become open to the inflow and outpouring of Divine Life through us, here and now.

The world has need of you, your special talents, and unique contributions, and you are irreplaceable. In discovering and celebrating the Spiritual Magnificence within every sentient being, you finally may begin to delight in the marvelous Self that you are and begin shining your Light a little brighter, no longer “hiding it under a bushel.” Come on out and play, live your best life, and live it out loud!

Join us this Sunday, as we livestream the Inspiration Café at 10:30 A.M., completing our July theme, “Born Free,” and address the important topic: “Living Out Loud.” Simply go to our website, and click on the orange “Watch Live” button. This will take you to our YouTube page or you may find us on our CSL Philly Facebook page. Check out other pages on this site, including Events, archived Sunday Celebrations, and Love Notes Rev. Mike and I send during the week.

Of course, on our Practitioner Page, you will find contact information for our Professional Practitioners. These are people of high consciousness, trained in the art of Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) and can help you to move through any human challenges by applying spiritual principles. Choose to work with one of them when you find yourself too close to a challenge in your life.

With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

July 19, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

The Divine Mind, being the sole and only creative agency in the universe, finds in each individual a new and fresh starting point for Its action. ~ Ernest Holmes, How to Use the Science of Mind, “Activity of Right Ideas”
How wonderful it was to see so many of you at the Celebration and Picnic in the Park last Sunday! We love connecting with you online and absolutely delight in being with you in person. When we set such a sweet intention, the Universe conspires to bring it about for us, and we shall continue finding venues for in-person gathering until a place of our own is revealed to us. The Universe always says, “YES,” so let’s bring our best energies and intentions to our new “Vision of Home.”
Despite any limiting condition or narrow belief, it is always possible to rise above the situation and go beyond the constricting thought or emotion to the truth that, “With God, All Things Are Possible!” This is true for personal, communal, and global Work, and the capital “W” is very much on purpose, as it truly is Holy Work we do in raising our consciousness and transforming negative patterns. As we affirm Life, Life confirms our freedom to be what we were created to be: unique, individualizations of God, consciously realizing the Presence and creatively directing the Law.
This Sunday, we return to livestreaming our Sunday Celebration from the Inspiration Café at 10:30 A.M., and Rev. Mike Gerdes will continue our July theme, “Born Free,” speaking on, “Yes, You Can!” Join in by going to our website, There are many interesting and informative pages on this site, including archived Sunday Celebrations and Love Notes Rev. Mike and I send out five days a week.
Upcoming events and classes are always listed, as well as contact information for our Professional Practitioners. Consider selecting one to work with when you may find yourself too close to a problem or challenge in your life. We use spiritual principles to address human situations.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

July, 2022: July BoT SPOT

Welcome to GPCSL’s July BoT SPOT!

One timely reminder  …  a special in-person Sunday Celebration will be this Sunday, July 17th at the Wilson Farm Park Picnic Pavilion in Wayne PA at 10:30am ET. We hope you plan to join us for some affirmative prayer in the open air and live music provided by Frank Henninger as well as Jeff and Emily!!!

Then, a potluck picnic afterwards at which we’ll break out the food (bring your favorite summer dish!) and games for a long overdue community picnic!!! Additional fun for the kids is provided by a really nice playground right near our pavilion. There will be signs helping you know how to find the pavilion once you enter the park. Contact Linda O’Neill to find out what to bring or visit our event Evite form – Click here to RSVP.  For those of you unable to join us due to distance or other summer fun, rest assured the Sunday Celebration talk will be streamed later in the afternoon. The weather forecast is quite favorable for a lovely outdoor event.

Speaking of forecasts … here is what’s happening with our Center…

The Board is working with our community to provide in-person events and Sunday Celebrations while continuing to deliver top notch live streaming every Sunday. We are also being mindful of expenses and evaluating income to plan for the future. We will hold our Annual Members’ meeting this Fall (date forthcoming) and will share the Center’s budget based on current Intentional Giving progress, class income and overall expenses. While we have navigated well through some challenges over the last few years, the Center, its members, and friends, continue to benefit from our care and enthusiasm for its future.

Together we make a difference in each other’s lives, the lives of those seeking a spiritual home, the larger community, and the world. Thank you to all who help make this possible by the sharing of their time, treasure, and talent.

With love and deep appreciation

Edie Janik

President, on behalf of the GPCSL Board of Trustees,


July 12, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Joy is the inside of the cup, and happiness is the outside. Drink of the mental draught which is life itself. ~Raymond Charles Barker, The Power of Decision, p.30
Understanding that Joy is an attribute of God and that we are individual expressions of God’s Life, we ultimately come to realize that we are imbued with this divine quality and that it available at all times. Even in sad or challenging situations, it is possible to shift our consciousness to a higher level, not denying that such circumstances exist, but choosing to focus on eternal truths, rather than temporary conditions.
There is always an opportunity to invite Joy to be our immediate experience by withdrawing our emotional energy from a negative reaction to any external and returning to the inside Source of our happiness. It is when we cease the intense focusing on the upsetting distractions of the world that we are able to make a positive difference for our actual mental health and become free to establish true healing in the world.
It is our clear choice to change our focus from the temporal to the eternal that invites the deep Joy of Spirit to begin shining through, and it is always possible to make that wise decision. Contemplate that which is filled with delight and refuse to get too caught up in unpleasantries. Watch the innate joy of an infant or toddler bubbling up within that precious being and remember that this pure emotion has always been and shall always be available to us all, at any age.
This will be our “Sunday in the Park” in-person gathering at Wilson Farm Park in Wayne at our regular 10:30 A.M Celebration, followed by an all-community picnic! It’s not too late to let us know if you can join us, just click here.  Although it will not be live-streamed, it will be available later in the day on our website, Continuing with the July theme, “Born Free,” my talk will be, “Limitless Joy,” which I expect we shall be experiencing by being together that day.
Our website is always available to you, and you may learn there about upcoming events and classes. You can also check the Practitioner Page, selecting any of our professionally trained members of our Healing Ministry to assist you with any challenges or pray with you when you may find yourself too close to a problem to see the solution. They are compassionate listeners and can also teach you the fundamentals of Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer.)
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

July 5, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

From the standpoint of Infinite Mind each day is a fresh beginning, every day is the world made new. We stand at the threshold of limitless possibility, of endless opportunity for self-expression. Every doorway is open, nothing inhibits or prohibits.  ~ Ernest Holmes, How to Use the Science of Mind, p.107-108
Yesterday’s 246th celebration of our nation’s independence was observed in a multitude of ways throughout our country. For many, it was a time of deep reflection on how we may go about bringing a greater sense of true democracy to our country. Clearly, we must find ways to move from a state of divisiveness to the United States of America! We cannot afford to slip into despair by believing that we are inhibited in any way by bleak opinions of the human race consciousness but rise up to God’s Limitless Possibilities.
As we remember that, “Yesterday ended last night” and that we stand at the doorway of fresh beginnings with Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love, we deepen our faith in a Power greater than we are to lift us to a greater awareness of The Possible. External events come and go, while the Eternal Reality of Compassionate Unity is constant. It is in this awareness that we are capable of co-creating a new vision of a World That Works for All.
Understanding the power of conscious intention, both individually and in groups, we are inspired and energized to do what is ours to do with joy, enthusiasm, and great faith in the Presence and Power that makes it all possible. We are all in this together.
Our second Sunday in July will feature Rev. Mike Gerdes speaking on, “We Hold These Truths . . .” Join in by going to our website and clicking on the orange “watch live” button. There, you will be directed to either Facebook or YouTube to watch the Morning Celebration or view previous Celebrations and Love Notes.

Just one week from Sunday, July 17th, our in-person morning Celebration will take place in the Pavilion at Wilson Farm Park, followed by another wonderful picnic. Sign up on the Events Page of our website and show up for a special, in-person experience with our Beloved Community or simply click here.
For a lift of consciousness, clearing of the mind, or healing of the heart, go to our Practitioner Page and select one of our dedicated spiritual guides to work with you on any personal challenge you may be experiencing. We provide and share spiritual tools that assist in deepening your faith and expanding your good.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine