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June 28, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

The real Law is one of freedom. By that freedom we bind ourselves until we learn how to change the thought and by so doing to change the limitation into freedom.  ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 402-3
Although we see a great deal of evidence in the world of violence and suppression, the eternal and underlying truth is the essence and action of Infinite Peace and Divine Freedom that is centered and alive within all sentient beings. We understand that we sometimes inadvertently misuse the great Law of Mind that is available to us, and this is how bondage occurs. Realizing that it is a simple matter of turning our attention back to the reality of Peace and Freedom, we must shift continuously to the greater truth.
“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” means precisely this, utilizing the Law intentionally and creatively to raise the consciousness and transform the condition. The Greek word, metanoya, used in the Bible as “repent,” actually means to turn the mind in another direction. This is what we do in spiritual mind treatment, our most effective tool to effect lasting change within ourselves and in the world. Thank you all for continuing to practice Principle and make a real difference in our world.
We begin a new theme for the month of July and it is, appropriately, “Born Free.” My talk this Sunday will be, “Growing in Freedom,” and you may access it by going to our website and clicking on the orange “watch” button. There, you will be directed to our YouTube channel to watch the Morning Celebration or view previous Celebrations and Love Notes.
Also on the website, you will find our Events, and a very important and exciting one being our Sunday Celebration in the Park, followed by our Center’s Picnic on July 17th  (click here for more details). Sign up and show up for a wonderful, in-person experience with our Beloved Community. Do check out our Practitioner Page for information on our dedicated “God Squad,” and select any of them to work with you on any personal challenge you may be experiencing. They use spiritual tools to assist you in deepening your faith and expanding your good.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

June 21, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Behind the visible and changeable is the changeless Reality, the Eternal One, working in time and space for the expression of Itself. The Divine Ideas stand back of all human thought, seeking admittance through the doorway of the mind.”  ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 491
Summer officially begins today, and we love to celebrate this change of season, in that it typically offers the pleasure of outdoor activities, relaxed days, and even vacation plans. Where we live, it has already felt like summer many days; yet, others brought us cool temperatures and a good amount of rain. We cannot expect any season to be exactly the same throughout, any more than we can anticipate a friend or relative to maintain an expected behavior day after day.
Remembering that the Divine Presence is the Changeless within the changeable, we know we can count on Something Greater than the temporary condition or circumstance. It is this Powerful Presence that invites us to continue moving forward in our spiritual evolution, step by step. All externals may be transformed “by the renewing of our minds,” and this occurs beautifully each time we access the sweet, sacred place of Spirit’s Permanence within our hearts.
As we listen to the guiding Wisdom within, we are led to clear, correct choices that reveal our greater Wholeness in Spirit. Although, sometimes the transformations are instant, other times we need to move more slowly. Remember that, “Even baby steps are a big deal to the baby!”
Rev. Mike’s talk this Sunday will complete the month’s theme of, “Seasons of Living,” and he is calling it, “Gradual Graduation.” We come to you live from the Inspiration Café in Paoli, Pennsylvania at 10:30 A.M. EDT, and you may join us by going to our website and click on the orange “watch” button. There, you will be directed to either Facebook or YouTube to watch the Morning Celebration or view previous Celebrations and Love Notes.
Whenever you may be experiencing personal challenges, please remember that our Licensed Practitioners of Religious Science are available to work with you, using spiritual tools to assist you in deepening your faith and expanding your good. Whomever you choose to contact will happily work with you, and you will find them listed on the Practitioner Page of our website.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

June 14, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

A dad is someone who wants to catch you when you fall. Instead, he picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again . . . unknown

Our human fathers and caretakers enjoy an amazing opportunity to support and guide us through early learning experiences.  It requires a certain courage, selflessness, and constancy to provide a child with the necessary sense of security and encouragement. It also allows the parent to grow in patience and inner power, inviting a blossoming of the authentic Self through such loving devotion.

Regardless of our childhood experiences, how much nurture and wisdom we were able to receive, we have always been held and led forward by the Indwelling Presence of God. Having been created from this Divine Life, we continue to receive Its inspiration and approval.  “Thou art my beloved, in whom I am well pleased” is the encouraging voice within us all, and we do well to listen to it and believe in it.

Knowing that the qualities of the Divine dwell within us, we are empowered to make clear, appropriate decisions that are based on our God Positioning System. It is in receiving the Indwelling Nurture and Guidance and accepting our responsibility to use this Wisdom for everyone’s greater good that we succeed and thrive.

My talk for Father’s Day this Sunday will be, “Taking Responsibility,” coming to you live from the Inspiration Café in Paoli, Pennsylvania at 10:30 A.M. EDT.  Simply go to our website and click on the orange watch live button, and you will be directed to either Facebook or YouTube to watch the Morning Celebration. Previous Celebrations and Love Notes are also posted there.

Our Licensed Practitioners of Religious Science are standing by to lift your consciousness to greater peace and to help you move through any of life’s challenges. We provide spiritual tools that effectively address human conditions, and you may contact any Practitioner of your choice on the Practitioner Page of our website to set up an appointment, in person or online.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

June, 2022: June BoT SPOT

Welcome to GPCSL’s June BoT SPOT!

You’ll want to get your calendar ready for this one.
What’s happening you ask?
Our next in-person Sunday Celebration will be on Sunday, July 17th at the Wilson Farm Park Picnic Pavilion in Wayne, PA (Chesterbrook) at 10:30 AM Eastern Time.
Come join us for some affirmative prayer in the open air and afterwards, we’ll break out the food and games for a long-overdue community picnic!
Stay tuned for more details and opportunities to contribute picnic items… Yum!

With love and deep appreciation

Edie Janik

President, on behalf of the GPCSL Board of Trustees,


June 7, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.   ~ Ernest Hemingway
How lovely it was to find this quote from Ernest Hemingway, as we had just enjoyed an enlightening tour through his home in Key West, Florida last week! He was a fascinating character, as well as a beloved and prolific writer, and it was a real thrill to see his writing studio just as he had left it, with his original, manual typewriters. Just as he continued to improve his skills and surpass his previous enterprises, so may each of us persist in becoming a greater and greater expression of our Authentic Self.
Over our lives, whether long or short, we discover more of Who we truly are and celebrate our growth and development, not by comparing ourselves to others, but by owning up to the Divinity within us and shining Its Light to all. In our ever-increasing satisfaction and joy in living from the Spiritual Presence within, we truly mature into the individualized manifestations of God that we were designed to be. Keeping in mind June’s theme, “Seasons of Living,” Rev. Mike will be speaking on, “Child of God or Adult of God,” as we livestream our Sunday Celebration at 10:30 A.M., from the Inspiration Café.  As you go to our website and click on the orange button, you will be directed to either Facebook or YouTube to watch the Morning Celebration. Previous Celebrations and our Love Notes are also posted there.
No matter what temporary challenge may be facing you, please consider reaching out to one of our Licensed Practitioners of Religious Science to help you navigate what may appear to be difficult waters, as we sometimes can use a “spiritual life preserver” to help us awaken to the Divine Presence within us that is greater than any problem. Contact any of them on the Practitioner Page of our website, and let them lift you into a greater sense of unity with Spirit. You may connect with the Practitioner of you choice with a telephone call or email to set up an appointment, in person or on line.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine