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September 2023 BoT SPOT

Happy Fall! It is my favorite time of year, and I know from talking with folks in our community that’s a sentiment shared broadly within GPCSL. Spring gets all the ‘new beginnings’ hoopla, but we CSL’ers understand that beginnings start within. As the trees drop their leaves and adjust their water content to prepare for cooler temperatures, they do so in anticipation of their next “Really Big Show” (said like Ed Sullivan for those of you who remember him).

In a similar fashion, our Center weathered the 2022 Winter quite well and had multiple new “blooms” throughout 2023. As we welcome in Fall 2023, it is time to reflect on everything past, review the present, and look forward to the future. Our Board and the Support Team members will review the Center’s financial position, accomplishments, and future goals with members and friends at our upcoming GPCSL Annual Community Meeting! We’d love to see you in-person but understand that is not possible for everyone. A zoom link will be provided to those who register to attend virtually (click here to register).

The date is October 8th, 2023, and the meeting will begin after the Sunday Celebration at the Inteprod office building (2583 Industry Lane, Eagleville, PA). You can go to to learn more and also check out exciting classes and events! See you soon!

With love and appreciation,

Edie Janik, GPCSL Board President

On Behalf of the Board of Trustees


Sept. 26, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Concluding the month of September, in which we focused on “Aliveness,” moved gracefully through the change of season, and began new endeavors, we now look forward to beginning the month of October and its theme, “Truth.” As we move individually and collectively along our spiritual evolutionary paths, we realize how essential real honesty is in dealing with the healthy changes we are ready to make and the need to maintain our conscious connection to Infinite Wisdom.

Ernest Holmes suggested that we are to see facts for what they are, while not becoming overly concerned about something that is impermanent. Sticking to the Truth that God is the Essence of all life, that we are all individualizations of the Divine, and that we are co-creators with God, the wholesome changes we are ready to make in our own lives become more doable. Everything is possible when we understand the underlying Presence and Power that is forever nurturing, sustaining, and guiding us on the journey.

As we build a new consciousness, personally and collectively, it is our insistence on keeping our internal and external conversations at the highest level of awareness that makes it possible for us to develop healthy discernment. It is in embracing the Truth that “sets us free” and KEEPS us free that we are able to view the facts and the conditions as transitory forms, coming and going without disturbance.

Tonight, I begin the first of a five-week non-tuition class, “Meditation and Serendipity” from 6:30 to 8:30 on Zoom. If you register on Breeze quickly (click here), you will still be sent the link and workbook, and there is a small $10.00 fee for the materials. Rev. Mike begins a five-week, CSL Accredited Consciousness Class on Zoom, Emmet Fox’s “Mental Equivalents,” this Thursday, September 28th, from 6:30 to 9:00 P.M. Registration is also through Breeze (click here to register). He also continues his popular Saturday morning study of, “How to Use the Science of Mind.”

To join our “love-stream” this Sunday, just go to and press on the orange ”Watch Live” button. My topic will be, “Facts Insist; Truth Persists.” If you are otherwise occupied at 10:30 A.M. on October 1st, you may use the same method to tune in later in the day or week. While you are on our website, you may wish to scroll through, learn more about us, and find interesting events that we offer.

Need some spiritual assistance for a human problem? Just check out the Practitioner Page on the website and contact any of the wonderful members of our Healing Ministry to help you find your way back to your healthier, happier, more peaceful self.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

Sept. 19, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

We all recall the old story of the two people who experienced their mornings differently, one awakening and announcing, “Good Morning, Lord,” and the other murmuring, “God Lord, It’s Morning!” How we begin our days has much to do with how we experience the moments and hours to come. Of course, the good news is that we can start our day over at any time, begin to view our life through a new perspective, and enter into greater joy.

We may set the intention in each moment to become gratefully open to the aliveness of Spirit in us, the sweetness of Love and clarity of Divine Guidance moving through us, and the delight of what is ours to do. We have the right and the responsibility to set these affirmative ideas into motion and to allow ourselves to become elevated to a new level of consciousness, day by day.

This is a warm invitation to join us this coming Sunday at Wilson Farm Park, 500 Lee Rd., Chesterbrook, PA, for our outdoor Celebration, with Rev. Mike reminding us to, “Rise and Shine!” The service will be recorded and streamed later in the day for those not with us at the park. We look forward to one of our amazing Family Picnics following, with food to share, recipes to offer, a grill for your use, and lots of fun and games (be sure to click here to register and let us know how many will be joining us and feel free to bring a friend and receive a surprise gift.) If you are unable to attend in person, just go to and press on the orange ”Watch” button later in the day, when the Celebration has been uploaded and available.

Be sure to register for one of the classes that begin next week. I’ll be teaching a five-week, non-tuition class, “Meditation and Serendipity” beginning Tuesday, September 26th from 6:30 to 8:30 on Zoom. The link will be sent to you upon registration with Breeze and you will receive the workbook the Monday prior. Rev. Mike begins a five-week, CSL Accredited Consciousness Class on Zoom, Emmet Fox’s “Mental Equivalents,” beginning Thursday, September 28th, from 6:30 to 9:00 P.M. Click here to register through Breeze. He also continues his popular Saturday morning study of, “How to Use the Science of Mind.”

You may contact one of our Practitioners by going to the Practitioner Page on our website if you would like help with employing our spiritual practices for any human problem. Their contact information is listed there, and they will be glad to make an appointment for you.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

Sept. 12, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

When we realize that the Life of Spirit flows constantly through all creation and enlivens each one of us to the extent that we open ourselves to It, we willingly become more receptive to the generous outpouring of this Bounty. If, day be day, we feel more in tune with the Universe, more alive to God’s Life, and more aware of our innate Joy, we are moving in the right direction.

It is we who must open our consciousness to the Infinite Possibilities that exist for us, aligning ourselves with Spirit, deepening our faith, and inviting Spirit to show up in our lives in beautiful and sometimes unexpected ways. The Source is forever loving and giving to us. It does not require special sacrifices, bargaining, or following any particular tradition. It provides a continual flow of Abundance in every form and requires only that we align with It and become generous receivers. We then find ourselves role models for others who may have forgotten the Authentic Self, and we have the pleasure of helping them awaken to this magnificent Life.

We are happy to be together next Sunday in Eagleville at Inteprod and look forward to seeing many of you there. If you are out of the area or otherwise unable to attend in person, just go to and press orange “Watch Live” at 10:30 A.M. EDT to be with us. Continuing with this month’s theme, “Aliveness,” we will focus on, “The Mind Alert; the Heart Aroused,” as we understand more deeply the ways to open ourselves to Life’s Bountiful Goodness.

In addition to Rev. Mike’s ongoing Saturday morning How to Use the Science of Mind” book study, we begin our Tuesday and Thursday evening Zoom classes the last week of this month. Join me on Tuesday, September 26th from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. for a five-week love offering class, “Meditation and Serendipity,” and/or Rev. Mike on Thursday, September 28th from 6:30 to 9:00 for the five-week accredited class, “Mental Equivalents.” You can register by clicking on the links here or by going to the Events Page on our website.

Check the Practitioner Page on our website if you would like help working on a challenge, or simply wish to expand your consciousness and deepen your faith. Select whomever you feel drawn to contact and let them shine a Light of Truth and even teach you the spiritual practices we employ in healing and revealing greater Truth.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine


Sept. 5, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Teilhard de Chardin’s beautiful statement, “The Unimpeachable Wholeness of the  Universe,” always brings me back quickly to the  awareness of the marvelous context in which all the human contents are held, deepening my faith that, in truth, all is well. Returning to this precious realization of Divine Integrity brings me confidence and serenity and tends to inspire others to discover their own essential connection to what is permanent in the face of much impermanence in the world.

One of the richest blessings we may experience is our Unity with God and the knowledge that this Powerful Presence underlies all human activity and does, in fact, nurture and guide Its beloved creation in all ways and at all times.  It is the very Life of us all and restores us whenever we digress from our awareness of Oneness.  In experiences of temporary illness, we do not “recover” our health but uncover the Wholeness that is our divine birthright.  The Eternal Truth is a constant, while our occasional divergence from It is transitory, so let’s not give those false notions keep us from recalling our Truth.

Tune in this Sunday to our “Lovestream,” as Rev. Mike addresses, “Initiating Wholeness” Loving September’s theme: “Aliveness,” he will remind us how we may return to our divine wellbeing at any time. We will be livestreaming from the Inspiration Café, and you can be with us virtually by going to at 10:30 A.M. Eastern Time and clicking on the “Watch Live” button. Classes and workshops begin soon, so do check our calendar of events and join us for whatever speaks to your heart.

Reaching out to our licensed practitioners is a wise decision when we seek spiritual solutions for human problems, so going to our Practitioner Page and contacting one listed there can make all the difference in shifting our perspective, connecting with a Power greater than we are, and coming home to our Wholeness.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine