Feb. 18 2020: From the Pen of our Spiritual Leader – Dr. Maxine Kaye

If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.

~ Emmet Fox on “Love”

We conclude our focus on the many aspects of Love this month with, “For the Love of God and Family.” Of course, we know that the name of our own city of Philadelphia means, “brotherly love,” and we often add, “sisterly soul!” The Greek, phileos, refers to this sense of friendship, while storge connotes familial love, and agape is unconditional or divine love. Last week, we focused on eros, or romantic love, we shared sweet valentines with loved ones and each other.

In truth, there is One Presence of Love, and it finds Its way into multiple manifestations in and through all humanity. We have the opportunity to partake of It in every possible way, truly bringing heaven to earth by living from the Self-Givingness of Spirit which is the essence of Divine Love. Each relationship we experience provides a wonderful opportunity to open more completely to Its flow in us and as us.

Rev. Mike and Elyse Riggs and I are bathed in Love here at the CSL Convention in Denver, experiencing our deep bond with the larger, international community of Centers for Spiritual Living. We are all a part of this conscious, caring, intentional organization and expect to bring back to you much inspiration from our week’s immersion in our extended spiritual “tribe.”

As we realize that we are all connected as one family of humanity, loved, inspired, and led by the universal presence of Divine Love, our sense kinship expands exponentially until there is no “other,” only the many facets of the prism of humanity through which the Love-Light reflects beautifully. If we could trace each family tree back to its real roots, we would find we are all branches of the One, interconnected and deeply united with Source and one another.

Each Sunday from 10:00 to 10:20 A.M., our Practitioners host Meditation in the Prayer and Meditation Room, and those who wish quiet, contemplative time prior to our 10:30 Celebration may gain access to the room upstairs as early as 9:45 A.M. Give yourself the gift of this sweet time of quiet contemplation.

With great love and appreciation,

– Dr. Maxine