February 2023 BoT Spot

Welcome to February 2023 BoT Spot!

There is a group of us at my place of work that enjoy learning new words. Most recently, we played with one of my favorites, ‘salubrious’. I remember the first time I heard this word: many, many years ago, a customer at a fast-food joint I was working at said, “Have a salubrious day!”. I asked him what it meant, and he explained, “an adjective that means, favorable to or promoting health or well-being”. I instantly LOVED the word and it stuck with me from that day on.

It is a perfect word to describe the impact of being involved with our community and my learning the Science of Mind philosophy. The Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living is dedicated to providing our community, near and far, with an array of salubrious events, classes, and Sunday Celebrations, touching lives and helping people live their best life!

The GPCSL Board is currently focused on responding to feedback from our community by providing new and exciting opportunities to learn, play, and connect. You can look forward to movie nights, Labyrinth walks, Sunday Celebration live music, guest speakers, life changing classes and workshops, and so much more in the coming months. Please take a moment to dive into the offerings described above and also check out our events calendar (GPCSL | Calendar (cslphilly.org)).

Thank you to all who share their time, treasure, and talent with the Center…you make it all possible and make our future bright.   And, have a most salubrious day!!!

In gratitude and great love,

 Edie Janik

GPCSL Board President

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