May 9, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

As we prepare to honor our mothers (and others who nurture) this weekend, we celebrate those beautiful beings who brought us into life, cared for and guided us into the knowledge of this world. The wisest parents are those who taught us responsibility for our choices and actions, as well as modeling the love and compassion with which we, too, are able to support others. Whether still on this planet or having moved into a new Divine Dimension in the Heart of God, they remain a viable part of our lives, as Love continues our essential connection with them.

As we learn the importance of blessing all the people who have contributed to our growth over the years, we often see how every experience brought valuable lessons and gifts to us. Let’s remember that, just as each of us is doing the best we know how in this moment, so did the people responsible for our wellbeing. It is sweet to draw on loving memories of Mother and silently or audibly express our appreciation for all they gave to us.

We also realize our ability to give birth to creative ideas, nurturing those inspirations until they come into visible manifestation. This is the way the Universal Creative Intelligence works . . . through each of us. As we set clear intentions for ourselves and the world and become receptive to Loving, Wise, and Generous Presence, we become the instruments through which divine ideas are born. The Universal Creative Medium receives the imprint of our thought and acts upon it, and we have the joyous responsibility of making conscious, caring choices and lovingly bringing great good into the world.

Join us virtually this Sunday, May 14th, for a Mother’s Day Celebration, streamed from the Inspiration Café in Paoli, PA, as we continue our May theme, “Receptivity.” Rev. Mike will speak on, “The Individual’s Creative Process.” When you go to our website, at 10:30 A.M., simply press the orange Watch” button, or you may watch it later in the day or week in the same manner. Check out our many events and learn more about us by scrolling through the site.

We are a Beloved Community, working and playing together, and supporting each other through challenges as they arise. We have several Practitioners who are always ready to assist you with spiritual tools for human problems, and they may be found on the Practitioner Page of our website.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

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