April 25, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

It is never “blind faith” that we seek in our spiritual development but deep, true conviction of the Presence which loves and sustains us, in the Law that reproduces our word of Truth, and our ability to declare this Truth into expression.  It is in immersing ourselves in God, the Source from which we came, that our faith deepens and grows. In practicing the Principles of Science of Mind, we enhance our own lives and inspire others to learn to depend upon the Dependable, rather than become entangled in fleeting fears or unstable world events.

Until we move effectively from fear to faith within ourselves, in our families, and our communities, we will not be able to experience true and lasting peace. Realizing that Peace is an eternal attribute of the Divine, we begin to understand that It is always available at any time and in any circumstance. Of course, in our humanness, we can find it difficult to feel the faith, sense the serenity, or let ourselves be lifted up to a Higher View.

Let’s choose to make some progress each day in turning our attention away from doubts and setting positive intentions on all that is life-affirming.  As we invite Spirit to lift us from the external to the Eternal, we live in deep faith and sweet peace. Now, we are able to inspire others to live, breathe, and express Peace in their personal lives and beyond. It is a joy to work with all in our Beloved Community who are moving incrementally and successfully along this spiritual journey. You are a blessing to the world.

Join us Sunday for our in-person Celebration at Inteprod in Eagleville, PA, as we complete our month’s theme: “Inspiration,” our focus being, “Foster Faith; Promote Peace.” If you are not in the area, and wish to catch our live stream, just go to our website www.cslphilly.org and click on the orange “Watch Live” button. Scrolling through the site will bring up interesting events, classes, and archived Sunday Celebrations and Love Notes, as well as more in-depth information about our Center.

Whenever you may feel the need for spiritual assistance, simply go to the Practitioner Page on our website and select whomever you wish to contact. You will be warmly welcomed, and a telephone or in-person appointment will be planned.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

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