April 4, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we considered every week, “Holy Week,” recognizing the Presence of Spirit everywhere and within all people? It truly is a matter of perspective and a willingness to see with the Eye of Love (the Eye of Unity) rather than viewing our personal lives and the world in duality. Yes, we are in the midst of honoring the quiet path that leads to the renewal and resurgence of Immortal Life, as Jesus demonstrated. In truth, we needn’t wait until the Easter Season to celebrate the resurrected consciousness of Love and Life.

Every day of our lives can feel sacred, as we turn often to that Precious Presence within us for nurture and guidance, following the Inner Intuition on which we may always rely. Imagine more and more people letting Love nurture them and Light guiding them into the co-creation of a Spirit-filled world in which everyone felt a sense of belonging. When we all can see each other as beautiful, individualized expressions of God’s Life, there will be no more “tug-of-war,” only a “hug-of-oneness. Let’s all rise to a greater consciousness of New Possibilities.

Although we will not be holding an in-person Good Friday Service this year, you may view a previous service to be re-streamed at Noon on April 7th. It also may be viewed later in the day at your convenience. We contemplate the “Seven Last Words of Jesus” from a personal and metaphysical point of view, interspersed with piano and cello music from two talented, young musicians.

We will again be gathering at Inteprod in Eagleville for our beautiful Easter Celebration on April 9th, the presentation being: “Loved and Lifted: Still Rising.” Join your Beloved Community for this wonderful Celebration, which will include special music with Jim Wade and our beautiful Bountiful Bouquet ritual. You are invited to bring a special flower or two that morning to personalize and enrich the bouquet. The Morning Celebration will be live streamed for those who need to access it online by going to our website www.cslphilly.org and using the orange “Watch” button. That button can also be used to access our events, classes, and previous Celebrations and Love Notes.

Feeling too close to problematic situations can make it difficult for us to rise above them. This is the time to contact one of our Practitioners who utilize their training to apply spiritual tools in assisting you in moving beyond the condition. You may find them on the Practitioner Page of our website.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

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