Jan. 11, 2022: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

The Principle that we have to demonstrate is perfect, and — in so far as we can compel the mind to perceive this perfection — so far it will automatically demonstrate.  ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 49

How grateful we are that Dr. Holmes synthesized the thought of the greatest philosophers, scientists, mystics, and spiritual teachers into our Science of Mind teaching.  He presented a simple and powerful Principle that we use to bring more peace, prosperity, health, love, compassion, and creativity in our lives and in the world. The practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment (or Affirmative Prayer) has changed the lives of millions who have studied this philosophy and successfully applied its Principle.

As we enjoy reviewing our basic teaching this month, we continue our focus on the first four introductory chapters of Science of Mind: “The Thing Itself,” “The Way It Works,” “What It Does,” and “How to Use It.” While Rev. Mike and I join our beloved ministerial colleagues at the CSL Convention in Indian Wells, California next week, Rev. Doug Craig from Calgary, Canada, will bring you an outstanding message on the third introductory chapter of the “textbook,” and his talk is entitled: “As I think, So Shall It Be.”  Rev. Doug’s clarity, wisdom, and humor will instruct and uplift you to greater awareness.

Although a few people have been joining us in person at our Sunday Celebrations, it is probably wise during this winter weather to tune in at home by going to our website, www.cslphilly.org and joining in consciousness with those near and far who love coming together as a Spiritual Community. If you do choose to attend in person, be sure to wear your mask and remain socially distanced from others.  A warm smile and “air hug” help us feel close, as we continue following CDC recommendations for safety and wellbeing. From our website, you may press the “Watch Now” button and choose to watch either on Facebook or YouTube, and past Celebrations and Rev. Mike’s and my “Love Notes” are archived there, as well.

Our Practitioners and Intern continue to be available to care for all your spiritual needs.  Simply check out the Practitioner Page on our website, and be prepared to work with the one you choose, as you release limitation and embrace a new consciousness.

As so many external conditions are changing and bringing unexpected occurrences, we continue to follow the Infinite Wisdom within and all around us by maintaining our focus on Principle: that which never changes and is always working in our behalf.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

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