May 2, 2023: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

As we develop our heightened consciousness of Love, Wisdom, and Possibility, we begin to understand the importance of becoming more sensitive to the flow of the Abundant Life moving in and through us.  Until we become truly receptive to Life’s Givingness, we are not fully open to the multiple gifts that the Universe has to offer.  A change of attitude and perspective makes all the difference, as we drop the barriers to our receptivity and begin enjoying the promised fruits of abundance, creativity, love, and wholeness.

You may recall how you felt when offering something nice to another person and having the gift refused. Not only might it have seemed hurtful to you, but your intended flow of sharing was temporarily blocked. Well, the Universe hasn’t such emotions, but It does need to be expressed, not refused, so let’s all become open-hearted, open-minded instruments of Divine Life.

The more receptive we become to Life’s blessings, the more challenging it will be to count them all!  Be a generous receiver and thank God for all your good: spiritual and material, each moment of every day. As our consciousness of acceptance expands, so our joy in living increases, and we encourage others to open their hearts, as well.

Our Sunday Celebration on May 7th will be livestreamed from the Inspiration Café in Paoli, PA, as we begin our new theme for the month of May: “Receptivity.”  I’ll be speaking on, “Let’s Be Open at the Top.” Please join us by going to our website, and press the “Watch Now” button. You can also find many interesting events and learn more about us by scrolling through the site.

There are times that we feel the need for spiritual support, and we provide that through our Ministers, Practitioners, and the Community itself. You may visit the Practitioner Page on our website and select someone with whom you wish to learn spiritual tools to heal and uplift many human experiences.

With great love and respect,

Dr. Maxine

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