Nov, 2022: November BoT SPOT

Welcome to November’s BoT Spot

As I wrote this, it was election day. I felt emotional as I cast my vote that evening after work. The welling up of emotion surprised me, but when I thought about it, it made sense. On voting day, I had the opportunity to express my vote for a future that most closely aligns with my personally held vision. Each of us has a vision for ourselves, our communities and the future. Subsequently, we may differ in our vote. . . it is an individual thing. Our politics is not the point . . . my message is that we all have the opportunity to vote and that is a beautiful thing! And, as John Szal so eloquently spoke about at our annual business meeting in October, “What are you voting for?” when it comes to the Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living?

It is GPCSL’s Intentional Giving Program season, and as such . . . it is worth mentioning that in 2023, The Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living turns 30! That is 30 years of providing a path for people to improve their lives with “Spirituality that Works”, helping them to reconnect with Source and live their best life. Personally, I have navigated deeply challenging times with a greater degree of grace and ease because of my exposure to the Science of Mind philosophy and the support of the community’s members and friends. I am eternally grateful for this, and it is one of the reasons I give my 3Ts (Time, Treasure, Talent) to the Center. In doing so, I am casting a vote for the vision I hold in which the Center helps others, as it has helped me and people dear to me, for many years to come.

Each of us has the opportunity to cast a vote for the future of the GPCSL community by participating in the 2023 Intentional Giving Program (IGP) at the level that feels good. That level will differ from one person to the next . . . it is an individual thing! Collectively, the difference is really made when more of us participate in the program, because it helps the Center plan for the future in a fiscally successful way. It gives us the insight needed for responsibly investing our resources on things like a new space for classes and Celebrations, events, staff, and hmmm, I don’t know…a 30th Year Anniversary Party??? I will vote for that!!!

With love and deep appreciation,

Edie Janik

President, on behalf of the GPCSL Board of Trustees,


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