Dec. 21, 2021: From the Pen of Dr. Maxine

But the Universal Wholeness cannot be forever subjected, nor Cosmic Love be kept from human form. That which was given must be revealed. The seed of Perfection must burst. The shoots of heavenly planting must break the cords that bind, fanning the human into a blaze Divine.
Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, p. 361
This beautiful passage from the chapter, “Finding the Christ” reminds us of the constant Power of Infinite Love that delights us in the revelation of the victorious spirit of Christ in us and Its ultimate manifestation in our lives. As Christmas day draws near, let us open our hearts more completely to the rebirth of the Christ within us all. A New Possibility is born in our lives and in the world when we invite this Divine Presence to shine in and through us, beginning here and starting now.
Our Annual Winter Solstice, “Nurturing Night; Loving the Light” was a heart-lifting, consciousness expanding, and delightful, Light-filled experience for all who attended in person last Saturday. You may experience it from your own home tonight, as it will be streamed at 7:00 P.M. EST and accessed through our website www.cslphilly.orgClick here at 7:00 PM tonight or click on the orange “watch live” button, either at that time or at any time, as it will be archived on the site.
It is so lovely to be with each other again in person for our Sunday morning Celebrations at 10:30 A.M., as everyone follows CDC recommendations for safety and wellbeing, which includes wearing masks indoors and staying socially distanced. Our Practitioner of the Day holds a brief meditation at 10:00 A.M. each Sunday in the “Upper Room.” Our topic this Sunday is, “A Brilliant, New Possibility.” You also have the option of tuning in virtually by going to our website. Monday through Friday’s daily “Love Notes” given by Rev. Mike and me, are archived there, as well as past gatherings and upcoming events.
We will be continuing Christmas celebration this Sunday, offering a special, virtual visit from the North Pole for the kids and homemade treats to be enjoyed in a socially distanced manner. Let’s complete the year together in loving and mindful ways, including a 6:45 A.M. gathering the Friday, December 31st for a World-Wide Peace Meditation, facilitated by Rev. Mike, and followed by breakfast at a nearby restaurant for all brave souls who choose to join us!
Click on the Practitioner Page of our website to find a qualified and caring Practitioner or Intern who are always ready to work with you in spiritual mind treatment. We provide spiritual tools for any and all human, and challenges, and they are here to help you feel closer to Spirit and to use the Law for your greater good.
May you feel the sweetness of Spirit, and enjoy a Merry and Beautiful Christmas.
With great love and respect,
Dr. Maxine

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